The Knox Affair—A “Serious Trial?” Not to any American…

December 11, 2009

For sure, a system that

  1. allows 14-15 hr abusive interrogations
  2. allows a prosecutor, Mignini, under indictment for prosecutorial misconduct & abuse of power to head the case (and a prosecutor that speaks to dead priests and follows the advice of a satanic “expert”)
  3. stands by while that prosecutor puts forth the exact same crazy motive as attempted in another high publicity case (and then abandons it in final arguments)

… is not a ‘serious’ legal system from an American point-of-view and that is the important distinction.

From an American point-of-view perception is reality and the perception is, unquestionably, that Mignini is all about Mignini and the facts, evidence, logic are merely inconsequential to his opinions. Mignini is obviously a devout follower of the Steven Colbert “truthiness doctrine”—but the problem is, no one is laughing in this case.

The story is not about whether Knox is guilty or not.  This is about a foreigner, an American and her family, dealing with a strange, often termed inept and corrupt, Italian legal system.  Now (and not to be judgmental) the system is perhaps fine and acceptable to Italians, but terribly flawed to any American dealing with it.  Nevermind the unfathomable prosecutorial issues, no American would have expected the procedural shortcomings and delays that have transpired.

Right from my Legal Lesson (in my book) American travelers need to understand and be forewarned!  Perhaps if Knox had been forewarned she would have fled immediately (as she should have) after the murders, thereby requiring extradition from the US. This would have prevented the abusive interrogation she endured and would have added an intense layer of both legal and diplomatic scrutiny.

Maybe then the Italian government would not have allowed this case to proceed in this way and oh, don’t think for a second that might not have happened! The “Law of the Land” was and is in effect here requiring a completely different approach than one might take in the US. That’s the vitally important learning experience any American needs to take from this unfortunate affair. 

No one will ever have a clear idea of whether Knox is innocent or not—-that alone is a shame. But again, an American trapped in that system HAD to understand the “Law of the Land” and react accordingly.

One comment

  1. The Italian goverment just want to blame as many as possible without learning the real facts.

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