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The Knox Affair—A “Serious Trial?” Not to any American…

December 11, 2009

For sure, a system that

  1. allows 14-15 hr abusive interrogations
  2. allows a prosecutor, Mignini, under indictment for prosecutorial misconduct & abuse of power to head the case (and a prosecutor that speaks to dead priests and follows the advice of a satanic “expert”)
  3. stands by while that prosecutor puts forth the exact same crazy motive as attempted in another high publicity case (and then abandons it in final arguments)

… is not a ‘serious’ legal system from an American point-of-view and that is the important distinction.

From an American point-of-view perception is reality and the perception is, unquestionably, that Mignini is all about Mignini and the facts, evidence, logic are merely inconsequential to his opinions. Mignini is obviously a devout follower of the Steven Colbert “truthiness doctrine”—but the problem is, no one is laughing in this case.

The story is not about whether Knox is guilty or not.  This is about a foreigner, an American and her family, dealing with a strange, often termed inept and corrupt, Italian legal system.  Now (and not to be judgmental) the system is perhaps fine and acceptable to Italians, but terribly flawed to any American dealing with it.  Nevermind the unfathomable prosecutorial issues, no American would have expected the procedural shortcomings and delays that have transpired.

Right from my Legal Lesson (in my book) American travelers need to understand and be forewarned!  Perhaps if Knox had been forewarned she would have fled immediately (as she should have) after the murders, thereby requiring extradition from the US. This would have prevented the abusive interrogation she endured and would have added an intense layer of both legal and diplomatic scrutiny.

Maybe then the Italian government would not have allowed this case to proceed in this way and oh, don’t think for a second that might not have happened! The “Law of the Land” was and is in effect here requiring a completely different approach than one might take in the US. That’s the vitally important learning experience any American needs to take from this unfortunate affair. 

No one will ever have a clear idea of whether Knox is innocent or not—-that alone is a shame. But again, an American trapped in that system HAD to understand the “Law of the Land” and react accordingly.


The Amanda Knox Verdict: NBC and Dan Abrams missed badly this morning!

December 7, 2009

This this happens to be my first post. I wanted to touch base on typical news situation as it pertains to international business and communication–which includes legality issues.  Let’s talk about the Amanda Knox verdict.

This is the  Legal “Lesson” from my book  Lies Bribes & Peril: Lessons for the REAL Challenges of International Business on many counts.  Amanda and her family have been going through their own version of the “Midnight Express experience” for some two years now. In that case the defendant, Billy Hayes, was at least guilty of carrying drugs. However it the best evidence against Amanda Knox is not at all that compelling and it definitely was more than reasonable doubt. 

You gotta love the ‘talking heads’ on the morning programs.  In my opinion, Dan Abrams (MSNBC) was, waaaay off base today on the TODAY SHOW when he mentioned that “Italy was a ‘serious’ judicial system…”  Well it IS if you also consider the Daily Show with Jon Stewart a ‘serious’ news program!  You see the Mafia has had their way with the Italian legal system forever. It is a corrupt and flawed system right on par to that of a developing country.  Even moderate research would show the rampant corruption evidenced in recent verdicts involving politicians & Mafia.

The other “Lesson” here (and it’s always involved to some degree) is Face.  At this point the Italian legal system is exposed and most likely embarrassed.  Another mistake Abrams made was to say that diplomatic involvement would do nothing.  Now this is a guy who definitely needs to read my book and for gosh sakes get out and travel a bit!  Putting pressure on the Italians would be the thing to do — because in the end I think they will probably end up overturning the verdict on appeal. That’s how things happen in Italy.

Lastly, many in the news are saying the this verdict is more about anti-Americanism, but I don’t agree. I think it’s more about a bad legal system.  Knox and family should have played by the Italian “Law of the Land” from the very start and not doing so has her in this nightmare. You know it’s worse than I thought! Catching up on the news about the case and the prosecutor Mignini and the fact that he’s being prosecuted for lying on the Monster of Florence investigation is appalling.  And then there’s the Knox expose on the CBS 48 Hours program that is unbelievable not to forget to mention that Mignini is also currently under indictment for “abuse of power” and into all this satanic stuff–having used it in both cases! All I can say is that the  “Law of the Land” in Italy had better get it. Yes, NBC and Dan Abrams missed badly this morning!